Cast of Characters

Johnston Lewis

Johnston Lewis (narrator) was born in New York City, but was raised in the Philippines. At seventeen he witnessed his mother’s murder at the hands of a sinister man with a severe limp. Lewis then fled to London where he got a job on the F. Scott, working as Gram’s assistant. However the memory of his mother’s murder continues to haunt him.

Gram Cast Page

Captain Arthur Gram grew up the son of a wealthy tobacco farmer in rural South Carolina. When his family lost everything, he was forced to leave his home and wander the United States broke and alone. Eventually he made his way over to London. He has been captain of the F. Scott Fitzgerald, merchant submersible, for the last fourteen years. He always wears his grandfather’s old military jacket and keeps a stack of letters in the front pocket. He loves soul music, particularly Motown.

Iseri Cast Page

Iseri has lived on the streets of Istanbul for the last six years. It is believed that he was once married with a son, though little else is known about him. Despite his gruff appearance, he is well educated and well spoken. He prefers apple tea and cigarettes to alcohol.